Thursday, November 1, 2012

Villa Asela Garden Resort

Villa Asela is a Garden Resort located in Cordova Mactan. The place is peaceful and relaxing. A place where you can have a family outing.

In order to get there:
1. Jeepney from highway Mandaue with a sign board Cordova and tell the driver corner of Villa Asela. From the corner you have to ride a pedicab to Villa Asela. 
2. If you have a private vehicle, pass through the first bridge and then right turn then go straight until you reach Cordova. 

The corner to Villa Asela is across Iglesia ni Cristo church. 

Upon entering the garden resort you have to pay 50 pesos for adult and 40 pesos for child. The resort don't have a corkage. The cottages are also affordable from the rage of 200-400 pesos. 

They also have videoke in some cottages.

They have three pools: 6 feet, 4 feet and kiddie pool.
 There is a slide on the 4 feet pool.

The canteen is also open to serve snacks. 

This is their kids playground.

The garden resort also offer overnight stay on native rooms which cost 1200 pesos per night.

 We had a relaxing day there as we spent the last day of October in Villa Asela. When we get there at around 9 am it was still quite there were few people around.


  1. Can we stay here for a night?.. Overnight i mean

    1. Hello mate, yes you can have an overnight stay on villa asela garden resort just call them on their contact numbers
      (032) 2601998 or (032) 5111828

      Thank you for visiting my page.

  2. Good afternoon open ang villa asela tomorrow?

  3. Hello.. I've been dialing these telephone numbers (032)260-1998 and (032) 511-1828 but i cant connect I even call their mobile numbers but it the same.... I would to inquire for we will be having OUr Victory Party and we've decided to choose Villa Asela but i cannot contact the said numbers... sad :(



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